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PFC Ryan LeCates Completes Military Police Training
Monday, July 29, 2019

On July 11 2019 Private First Class (PFC) Ryan LeCates and his battle buddies in Charlie 787 graduated from Military Police One Station Unit Training.  Military Police One Station Unit Training is an approximately five-month program at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri that includes Army Basic Training and Military Police Advanced Individual Training.  PFC LeCates was the Distinguished Honor Graduate for the company.  The Distinguished Honor graduate is the Army’s version of a valedictorian and it is awarded to the student who holds the highest overall grade point average throughout the course, receives a first time “go” (passing score) on all events and do not have any negative counselings.  Things that are scored include; rifle qualification, pistol qualification, physical training (PT), Soldier Skill Evaluations, and multiple written exams.  Ryan will continue to serve with the 115TH Military Police Company based here in Salisbury.  PFC LeCates is a long-time volunteer member/officer of  the Salisbury Fire Department and currently serves the department as a part-time FFEMTB.  The Salisbury Fire Department would like to congratulate Ryan on his accomplishments and welcome him back to Salisbury.  Strong work, Ryan!   

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