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Pohanka Auto Group and Lowes Assist the SFD with Smoke Alarms
Friday, August 14, 2015

The Salisbury Fire Department distributes smoke alarms on a regular basis to family-owned homes throughout its district.  These most important fire safety tools can only be distributed when they are either donated to the department, or budgeting allows the department to financially support their purchase.  The economic recovery of the area has been slower than anticipated, and has limited the SFD’s ability to encumber the cost of smoke alarms. 


On Monday 10 August, while completing an After The Fire program in the Rose Street/Tangier Street area, the last smoke alarm the department had was issued.  FFEMTB Daniel Hill recognized the importance of the issue and knew the department would be handicapped by the lack of smoke alarms with the upcoming Open House event scheduled for the coming weekend.  FFEMTB Hill took it upon himself to make contact with a representative of the Pohanka Auto Group in Salisbury, who, in-turn, made a commitment to ensure the SFD would have smoke alarms as quickly as possible.  FFEMTB Hill also made contact with the Salisbury Lowes Home Improvement Center to secure special pricing for the smoke alarms in an effort to obtain as many smoke alarms as possible for the department to distribute to its constituents.  The Pohanka representative visited Lowes and purchased every detector in stock, to the tune of approximately $700.00.  The 54 detectors were delivered to Station 16 and made available for distribution.

A HUGE "Thank You!" to Pohanka and Lowes for helping the SFD furthter its Mission Statement.  Strong work by Danny, as well!  

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