Salisbury Fire Department

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Roger Street Structure Fire
Sunday, March 8, 2015

E16 arrived and laid a 5" supply line from plug at corner of Oriole & Roger to Alpha/Bravo - AC1 arrived and established command - E16 stretched a 250' 1.75" smooth bore handline to Delta exterior door and made entry, knocking a fire located in a first floor rear bedroom Truck 1 arrived and was ordered to take a position on the Delta side of the structure and assist in opening-up interior extinguishment crew advised fire extending to attic area and an additional line would be necessary Squad 2 arrived, was advised backup line (200' combination nozzle bumper line) was stretched in front yard, and to advance through Delta side entry door, following initial attack line and meet up w/ initial extinguishment crew interior crews advised fire knocked and delaying overhaul until arrival of FMO (17:07:06) FMO finished investigation and determined faulty wiring in wall of closet produced embers that ignited clothing material on closet floor Power company secured the power by pulling the meter overhaul completed and smoldering materials taken outside for wet-down

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