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SFD May Retiree Breakfast
Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lorenzo began his career in January of 1996 when he was assigned to D-Shift as a paramedic.  At that time, EMS career members were permitted to volunteer on the fire-side, which Lorenzo did for several years until the practice was discontinued.  Lorenzo called it a career in January of 2011, serving the SFD faithfully for 15 years.  He served on A through E Shifts, did a stint in Training, and was also the Acting Captain of EMS.  With his additional time in the state retirement system, Lorenzo retired with 22+ years of dedicated service.


Lorenzo is currently employed by the Wicomico County Emergency Management Agency and keeps his paramedic license current.  He and his wife Melissa have been married for nearly 10 years, and have 3 children.


Lorenzo recalled one particular house-fire on Hammond Street where multiple searches were conducted in an attempt to locate a missing child.  The child was eventually located but not in time to save its life.  In the wake of that call, the department was determined to obtain the newest technology of the time in the form of a Thermal Imaging Camera, to assist in future search and rescue operations.  In the months following that tragic call, fund-raising efforts were made and with the assistance of an anonymous donor, the department’s first Thermal Imaging Camera was purchased.  Today, the SFD has numerous such devices in service.

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