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Salisbury Fire Department runs house fire
Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stations 2, 1, and 16 were alerted for a reported house on fire. Engine 2 arrived on scene with 3 and reported a single story rancher with fire showing side A. AC 1(Records) arrived and reported the same and established Command. E 2 stretched a 150' bumper line to the front door. Engine 16 arrived and stretched a second line. E 16 joined E 2 and attacked the fire in a front bedroom in the center of the home. The crew from PM 1 placed a vent hole above the fire room, while both engine drivers threw multiple ground ladders. Truck 1 arrived and checked for extension in the attic and pulled ceilings. SQ 2 performed R.I.T duties. E 1-1 provided water supply. The cause of the fire was a candle on a stand under the window. The candle caught the curtains on fire and went out of control. The fire was contained to the room of origin and soffitt area outside the window. There was extensive smoke damage throughout the home.

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