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SFD Recieves Portable Radio Grant - Salisbury
Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FY 2012 Assistance to Fire fighters Grant (AFG). The Salisbury Fire Department was awarded a grant in the amount of $208.210.00 of which the federal share is $187,389.00 and the SFD share is $20,821.00 (Funded by the SFD Volunteers). The City of Salisbury share is $0.00. This is the remainder of the Portable Radio Project that was removed from the FY 14 budget. The grant will go towards the purchase of 68 portable radios, on board chargers, portable mic, and portable shoulder straps. This grant will outfit every riding position in every SFD capital apparatus. The Salisbury Fire Department has received a total of $2,780,361.00 in federal grant monies over the last four years.

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