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EMS Call Turns Into Hazmat Response - 934 S. Schumaker Dr.
Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paramedic 1 was alerted to 934 S. Schumaker Dr. Apt 302 for a reported sick subject. After they arrived and entered making contact with the patient, the crew determined there could possibly be a meth lab inside the address based on the condition of the patient and the use of such known chemicals. The Asst. Chief(O'Barsky) along with the hazmat trailer from station 16 made a response. Asst. Chief O'Barsky arrived and established the Schumaker Dr. command, while doing a face to face with hazmat team leader Ron Wismer, establishing an initial plan for action. The surrounding building of the apartment complex were evacuated, while stations 6 and 74 established a decon area. Teams made entry in level A suits and removed suspected chemicals for testiing. After the initial testing, the apartment was cleared for safe entry and the crew was decontaminated by stations 6 and 74. Further inspection of the area revealed that additional chemicals had been dumped in an outside dumpster in the parking lot. DEA agents were en routed from the pittsburgh area to handle the chemicals that remained in the dumpster and the fire department was no longer needed. MSP and WCSD secured the area around the dumpster awaiting the arrival of the DEA.

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