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Salisbury Fire Department Responds To A Reported Building Fire - 2702 N. Salisbury BLVD Walmart North
Monday, May 14, 2012

Sta 2, 16, 74 alerted for a building fire at 2702 N. Salisbury Blvd (Walmart North-McDonalds). Dispatch advised heavy smoke coming from the McDonalds cooking area inside the Walmart. SFD units responded within minutes of dispatch. AC-1 arrived on scene and advised all employees had evacuated from the building and on side A. E-16-1 arrived on scene and staged on the A/B corner with the plug. Crew stretched an attack line to the front door to investigate. E-2 arrived on scene side A and assumed Truck Company duties. Engine Tanker 74-2 arrived and staged on the 2nd hydrant. The crew from Engine 16-1 confirmed smoke in the McDonalds but no fire. The Smoke was coming from a malfunctioning cooking oil recycler. The crew from 16-1 removed power from the unit while Engine 2 placed positive pressure fans in the front of the McDonalds. AC-1 declared the situation under control as unit picked up and returned to quarters.

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