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House Fire 1/11/12 - 514 Purnell St.
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At 10:18, stations 16, 2 and 74 were alerted for a reported house on fire. The assistant chief arrived on scene with a single story, single family wood frame, with fire from sides B and C. Engine 161 arrived and dropped a 3" line at the end of the driveway, being out of hydrant district awaiting the next engine. The nozzleman and officer of the engine stretched the front bumper line through the rear door of the house and made an aggressive interior attack on the fire, while the crew of PM2 split off and began a rapid search of the house. Truck 1 arrived and took position in the front. The officer and roof man threw a ground ladder to the roof  and began venting vertically, while the driver threw an additional ladder and vented accordingly horizontally. Engine 16 arrived and supplied Engine 161. Units from 74 arrived shortly after and assisted with overhaul. Once the fire was brought under control, a family pet was found in its cage, deceased. The red cross was called to assist the displaced family and the scene was turned over to the fire marshall for investigation. Units returned to service at 12:11.  

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