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House Fire 11/20/11 - 302 Martin St
Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At 16:30, just as the B shift crew was celebrating a Ravens victory and getting ready to prepare a Sunday football dinner,  the tones dropped for a reported house on fire with people trapped. Truck 16 and Engine 161 along with the assistant chief responded almost simultaneously . Truck 16 and the chief arrived and reported a 2 ½ single family wood frame, with fire from both floors on sides A,B and D. The truck took position on the A/B corner and the driver immediately began laddering the house and venting horizontally, as the officer and bar man made entry and began a rapid primary search with a bystander reporting a child possibly still inside. Engine 2 arrived, laid a supply line from the intersection to the address at which time Engine 161 arrived and completed the split lay. Both crews began to stretch lines on the house. Engine 210 arrived and secured a second water  source and took position checking the rear of the house. Truck 1 arrived and secured the utilities and assisted with extensive overhaul. All searches proved negative, and the fire was call under control. All units racked up and the last unit cleared at 20:10. Damage was estimated to be at approximately $70,000. 

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